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rules forum must read

FORUM RULES - must read!

Creator Kamil Jan Wlodarczyk and the administration of MySpiritWay  - are not responsible for the content of posts posted by Forum users (that also include links to other websites).

People who publish posts that violate the law or the rights of third-person parties might incur criminal liability for it.

However, we do what is in our power to filter content that might violate the rules of the forum. 

Registration on the forum is only for adults.

  • Having multiple accounts. If another user uses your computer, such a fact should be reported to the administration via the contact form before the activity on the forum.
  • Spamming. - It is understood as inappropriate usage of Shoutboxox, creation of new threads and content in it, as well as other forum functionalities.
    • Posting multiple identical or similar messages.
    • It is forbidden to send unrequested advertising content via a private message.
    • Do not make “filling” posts, try to comprehensively present the problem or give an answer. Do not get involved in off-top discussions (in places not meant for it). Short statements like "hey", “Smile”, "I am in", "ok" may be treated as spam. These types of statements add nothing to the discussion, but only prolong it.
    • Don’t bump up the topics. It is forbidden to use phrases such as: “bump up”, "UP".
    • The publication of marketing links unless they are a part of the discussion.
    • Using profanity, using slander, causing conflicts, trolling, looking for people willing to argue, "punching" posts. Respect the opinion different from ours. Do not repeat lies or gossip. Present a specific statement of your opinion in a polite and constructive way.
  • Duplicating topics and posts (writing a post under a post in short intervals - min. 24 hours). - In that case to add something new use the "EDIT" option
  • Disclosure of private personal data without the consent of that person.
  • It is forbidden to use Avatars / Signatures / Photos / Descriptions in your profile that include erotic content.
  • The rule above does not apply to the Journaling category. It is allowed to openly express yourself - only under your own thread, as it might be part of the daily experience (that include dreams). 
  • Appropriate construction of the topic and thread of the program.
    • It's best if titles are specific and are connected to the content of the thread.
    • Each thread should contain as much precise information as possible.
    • Don’t post only links that will redirect to other websites. Write something about it or best if you would write your own interpretation or will quote the content of the source link.
    • When writing a reply to the last post on a topic, don't quote it in its entirety. It is allowed to quote a part of the last post if it is long and extensive and we want to refer to a specific part of it. We also avoid quoting entire, previous posts, if our answer concerns only a part of them.
    • Write in English. If there will be enough interested people that will need a separate forum in a different language, we can consider creating it.
  • If you have noticed that you have broken the regulations (which sometimes happens) or another user noticed you, edit your post and report it to the moderator and you will avoid consequences.

  • Users who break any of the rules will receive warnings.
  • You can receive a maximum of 3 warnings, where the third one is equal to BAN.
  • Ban is applied on both an account and IP.
  • If you do not agree with the moderator's or administrator's decision, do not send PM, but file a complaint in the complaints section.
We do not delete "on-demand" accounts on the forum.

Apart from the main rules, there are additional rules that apply in particular places in the forum.

"Shoutbox" Rules: - the place where you can openly have discussions on various different topics
  • It is permitted to talk about things unrelated to the main theme of the forum.
"JOURNALING" Rules: - the place where you can create your own online journal
  • Every user can create only one thread and write posts under it.
  • Users can share their content in a creative way. Any form is permitted.
“ADD YOUR BRICK” Rules: - the place where you can co-create "become your own guru" online course. Write an article, add templates, add video or audio recordings.
  • What we expect from the guide is useful, practical content, and a clear and legible message.
  • Guides must be connected to a vast topic of practical personal and spiritual development.
  • The main purpose of the guide is to help other users, provide advice, share your experience, and not an advertising purpose.
  • The guide must be unique - it is not allowed to copy other guides in their entirety. 
  • The guide should cover topics that have not been discussed so far, unless the content presents a separate alternative or solution.
  • The title of the guide should indicate its content in detail.
  • The guide may contain videos and graphics.
  • The guide cannot persuade you to break the law.
  • The forum administration reserves the right to interfere with the content of the guide and to supplement it.

“THE MARKET” Rules: - the place where you can SELL, BUY or EXCHANGE anything.
  • The offer to buy, sell or exchange currencies must contain detailed information about the item, amount, and type of currency, options delivery.
  • If the offer is not updated for 30 days, it may be closed/hidden. Please also inform users when the offer is no longer valid.
  • We reply to the offer via a private message. After concluding the transaction, we can share our opinion and experience of the exchange/purchase/sale with the author of the offer or ask for an update of the offer.

“RECOMMEND ME” Rules: - the place where you can recommend books, teachers, movies, or any other product connected to the theme of the community 
  • It is permitted to add affiliate links in written articles. There are no obligations if it comes to sharing of the commissions.
  • It is forbidden to share only links and not adding an additional description.

Registration on the forum is associated with the acceptance of the above regulations, which may be changed at any time. Thank you for your cooperation!


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The goal is to create one of the biggest decentralized communities of self-conscious and realized individuals, ready to support others on their path.

Decentralized means that we don't focus on any particular religion or philosophy. We also don't follow any particular teacher. Everybody is welcome!

We all thrive to become powerful and independent seekers of the truth.

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