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fasting dopamine detox

 Hello, I found this old article buried deep on the website. Decided to move it here, since this practical knowledge has no expiry date on it  Smile Published: 2020/06/11 

 (this is merely a perspective of the path, one of the infinite ones, an angle of perceiving, I could probably put it in many other ways, but this one came to me this time and is quite logically, and easy to adopt)
 It is the method of lifestyle to keep myself in balance, and most importantly in motivation to get up and do important stuff.
 "Day by, the day I got better. Better in being myself" ~Kamil Jan Włodarczyk
How many times, you tried to start something, but your motivation somehow was fleeting?
We can't argue, that it is so easy to play video games, pointlessly browse social media, watch not developing videos or movies. There is no doubt, sitting in front of a screen for hours is pleasant for most of us, and there is no problem with long concentration during it. 
What do You say, about studying? What about building some business? Did you forget about Your dreams(if you even have those)? You logically know, that in the long run, it will make your and other's life better(fulfilled with the happiness of creation), but damn you still prefer all those pointless activities. It's all okay until You have control over Your own life.
- Do you? -
It is so difficult to postpone instant gratification, (dopamine injection) for some long-term pleasure based on our hard work, determination, and devotion. 
Let's admit it, out loud; 
Most of us are like brainless zombies. I call those NPC (non-player characters). They breathe, they eat, consume, fuck, shit. All trapped in some kinda half-awake sleep. After all, it's so hard to live this way. All decisions bring some reactions or responses.  Not always positive Smile  
Why is it so hard to do hard things?
It is so obvious, one activity is easy, others are difficult and require many effort.
Wait, what about all those successful entrepreneurs, sports athletes or those, that like to live their way. They somehow, have THIS. ~OMG it start to sound like some motivational bullshit, where on the end I will ask you to buy my Secret Method to be happy, so let's cut it over, and let's jump into some science.
Let's start with some science
To answer that question, we need to look at this brain neurotransmitter: Dopamine. Dopamine is often considered a pleasure molecule, but that's not quite what it does. Dopamine is what makes us desire things. and it's a desire that gives us the motivation to get up and do stuff.
There were interesting experiments neuroscientists did on rats. The researchers implanted electrodes in the brain of rats. Whenever the rat pulled a lever, the researchers stimulated the rat's reward system in the brain. The result was that the rats developed a craving so strong they kept pulling the lever, over and over for hours. The rats would refuse to eat or even sleep. They would just keep pressing the lever until they would drop from exhaustion.
But then they reversed the process. The scientists blocked the release of dopamine in the brain's reward center. As a result, rats became so lethargic, that even getting up to get a drink of water was not worth the effort. They wouldn't eat. Didn't want to mate. They didn't crave anything at all. You could say, that rats lost all the will to live.
However, if the food was placed directly in their mouth, the rats would still eat and enjoy the food. They just didn't have the motivation to get up and do it themselves.
You would think that it's thirst or hunger that motivates us to get food or water, but there is also dopamine that plays a key role here.
There is a similar effect of dopamine on humans in our daily lives. Your brain develops priorities in large part based on how much dopamine it's expecting to get. If an activity releases to little dopamine, you won't have much motivation to do it. But, if an activity releases a lot of dopamine you'll be motivated to repeat it, over and over.
It is important to realize, that any behavior where you anticipate and there's a potential reward, release dopamine!
For example, before you eat comfort food, your brain releases dopamine because you anticipate that the food will make you feel good. Even if it will make you feel worse. That's because your brain doesn't even care if the high dopamine activity is damaging to you. It just wants more of it!
A stereotypical example would be someone who's a drug addict. He knows, that what he's doing is not good for him. But all he wants is to get more of that drug. Besides getting You high, cocaine and heroine release unnatural amounts of dopamine, which in turn makes you crave them even more.
Of course, it has to be noted that nearly everything releases some amount of dopamine. Even drinking water when you're thirsty does.
But the highest dopamine release happens when you get a reward randomly. Refer it to slot machines in the casino.
If You played at least one time, for example, a game on your phone. You know how nice it is to open those fancy boxes where you got some reward. It is to keep You playing the game even longer and to make you spend some money in a "pleasant way", filling up someone's pocket.
There is a term called TOLERANCE:
Someone who rarely drinks alcohol will get drunk fast, but someone who drinks regularly will have to drink more alcohol because their body developed a tolerance to it. They have to drink more because they become less sensitive to its effects.
Your body tries to maintain homeostasis, so it down-regulates your dopamine receptors.
Essentially your brain gets used to having a high level of dopamine and those levels become your new normal. Thus you develop a dopamine tolerance. This can be a huge problem, because the things that don't give you as much dopamine, don't interest you any longer. And it's much more difficult to motivate yourself to do them. They feel bored and less fun because they don't release as much dopamine, compared to the things that do release it in high amounts.
The concept of dopamine Detox is simple - remove souces of external pleasure from life.
You are going to set aside a day, where you are going to avoid all the highly stimulating activities. You are going to stop flooding your brain with high amounts of dopamine and you are going to let your dopamine receptors recover.
For 1 whole day, you will try to have as chill as possible(what is not permitted)
I will give you some ideas, that came to my mind:
⦁    Masturbation
⦁    Having intercourse
⦁    Scrolling social media
⦁    Playing video games
⦁    Gambling especially - playing slots
⦁    Watching internet pornography
⦁    Taking drugs 
⦁    Shopping
⦁     Smoking cigarettes
⦁    Taking caffeine
⦁    Hanging out with friends
⦁    Talking to anyone
⦁    Reading of any books
⦁    Drinking alcohol
⦁    Eating junk food
⦁    Eating food based on high containment of artificial SUGAR
⦁    Usage of phone or any electronic device. (so no social media, no games, no movies, no music, no TV)
⦁    Rather avoid strong power-boosting techniques like strong breathing techniques
Do you get what I am trying to tell you? You have to get yourself to the state when You will feel extremely bored. Now, You can understand how somebody on rehab might feel. Best what You can do at this moment are:
What is permitted:
  • Have a walk, especially alone and best is a pristine place like a forest, mountains, lake.
  • Meditate, especially mediate with observation. Silent Meditation. Quiet practice can drive you crazy, because your mind will crave some experience. Be strong, and just simply sit, turn yourself into observer mode and realize, that you are not your thoughts, not emotions. You can start with 15 minutes, have some breaks, and start over again.
  • Water Fasting, is one of the best ways to purify the body from toxins and parasites, bring back weight balance, slow aging, improve cell recycling. What I notice it brings clarity, and peace of mind.
  • Light Exercises, like yoga positions. 
  • Write down your thoughts (using a piece of paper!)
  • Reflect on your life and goals
It is a kinda time to dive into yourself. Miracles happen in silence. Test it out Wink
Why would this even work?
Think about it this way. Let's say, that you've been eating every single meal at the best restaurant in your town. As a result, what happened is that those fancy meals become your new normal.  If someone offered you a bowl of plain rice, you would probably refuse. It simply wouldn't taste as good as your usual restaurant meal, but if you suddenly find yourself stranded on a desert island and you are starving, suddenly that bowl of plain rice doesn't seem so bad.
That is what dopamine detox does.
It starves you of all the pleasure you usually get, and in turn, it makes those less satisfying activities more desirable
Dopamine detox works, because you become so bored, that boring stuff becomes more fun.
I am a supporter of hardcore measures. I truly believe, to overcome something we have to face it. You can, of course, delete pleasure from your  "schedule", which gives you the most dopamine injection, but I believe it is much more powerful to give 100% on this single day.
Our goal is to limit negative habits, at first. After a while, it will become NORMAL to permanently stop harming ourselves (and spontaneously, stop harming others as well), or at least have control over life.  Throughout the process, step by step, day by day. You should be more and more aware of your thoughts, and all the mind process. It is interesting when you are aware enough You start to realize straight after, how you feel. - it will give you a choice.
So ideally you should avoid those behaviors, altogether or at least as much as possible.
You will be bored, but that's our goal so it will let You connect to the things that will benefit you. Most of them are probably long-term run activities, so as a reward of completing complex work you will get your dopamine injection.
What You can do is do "boring stuff" and as a reward do some high dopamine activities.
The rule of planning is simple always start with low dopamine things, and then only when You finish them, you can allow yourself some high dopamine activities.
My idea to work with bad habits:
I have pics all over my home with reminders. 
  • Don't smoke weed instead -Pranayama (update - overcomed)
  • Don't masturbate instead -Develop strong will (update - overcomed)
  • Don't eat sugar instead- honey and fruits. (update - overcomed)
  • Don't play games instead- read more books.  (update - overcomed)
  • Sleep enough - Keep it in balance - Not too long - Not too short (update - overcomed)
  • Let yourself relax. (update - from time to time I still push overcomed)
I don't claim, to stop completely and become a monk in a monastery. Our goal is to revive control over ourselves. To give yourself a conscious choice. Some people will stop completely some don't - just individual decisions.
Small advice:
If you don't know what to do with yourself, and you are wandering around doing pointless shit. Sit on your arse and just be. It helps a lot!
After a few processes, you will be able to prolong dopamine detox. Be stubborn! What I realized is important during the process to be honest with itself, true nature. Write down ideas, what challenges you the most, what you want. You can ask yourself, your heart, soul,  whatever you want, to guide you through life and give you clues. Don't push the answer, instead of listening. 
There is a joke
God, why don't  You listen to what I say to You? I used to pray every day to You and you seem to not respond. Fool! How can I respond to you when You talk like a parrot. Shut your mouth (clear your mind of the thoughts) and listen carefully.
Allow magic to happen
Day after the process, maybe you are ready to start forging your master habits. Don't hesitate even for a second, make up your plan and put it into practice. 
My daily routine:
1. Wake up - on the first time when I feel completely recovered- sometimes we wake up with energy and we just think "I don't have much to do, I will sleep little bit longer", and this is wrong (same with nap mode),  I try to wake up before European market is open between 6 am - 7 am. (update - I stopped trading. Now I am fully devoted to MySpiritWay)
2. Studying (mainly Trading) - I have other plan steps by step attached to this point (update - I stopped trading. Now I am fully devoted to MySpiritWay)
3. Reading books (mostly about Spirituality, Development, Psychology) I have found myself interested in Sociology - it would be nice to be able to connect it to trading arsenal (book must be in English, so I can develop my language skills)
4. Everyday practice:
  • Wim Hoff - breathing practice, about 10 minutes it's great and effective - the goal is  to practice Ananda Mandala breath flow (every day) - (update - through experience I developed The Complete Session)
  • Asanas- Yogi positions, they reduce stiffness, stress, bringing balance as a whole throughout the body, and dozens of other good reasons why I practice
  • A quick workout based on my weight body - the goal is to practice Calisthenic (update - now mix workouts)
  • Meditation- many different types, I have found most effective - silent meditation (update - I practice both silent meditation and the complete session)
Every Friday usually around 32 hours of water fasting. (update - I didn't fast for some time, due to increased physical activity)
If you have any question according to my routine  - feel free to text me, I will try to do my best to guide you through
My dream goal- is good to set up goals to know where we are heading;
1. Be able to make money fully online - 100 dollars per day would be enough. (update - the goal still same Smile )
2. To carry a backpack with my, it will contain: 
-go pro (update - went for insta360)
-good powerful laptop
 -gimbal with stabilizer - it would be cool with a build-up tripod
 -wireless headphones 
-small dron like karma go pro
-small hand luggage for some hygienic items, clothes
3. To move whenever I want, whenever I want and stay there for how long I want. Rent some apartments, stay there and experience surrounding and local activities.
4. Simply live life and share best what I can with others.
The question is when You will turn it to THE PRACTICE. - MOVE YOUR ARSE SER

This process is also explained in our based on donations - online course BECOME YOUR OWN GURU.

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